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in keiner Weise stören lässt. P227: It is found in Malca. Die Fertigkeit ist passiv und dauerhaft.

L85A2: It is found in Espiritu Santo. Armadillo" enemy base in the Itacua province (where the game begins). Shotguns Fanatic (Bronze Collected all shotguns basler rabatt 1070 models. Ultimate Skill (Bronze Bought all the upgrades of a Skill branch. Death in the Dark (Bronze Made a close-combat kill at night. El General: Defeat General Baro in Flor De Oro. Mark the convoy and the following checkpoint on the map. 9X19VSN: It is found in Inca Camina. Handgun Fanatic (Bronze Collected all handguns models. Broken Locks (Bronze Completed the Security operation. Travel to the following location to find the L115A3 Sniper Rifle, one of the most powerful sniper rifles in the game. Stoner LMG A1: It is found in Pucara.

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